State of Play: Labour

Writing in , Richard Darlington argues that Labour must begin a new era at conference with unity.

Crisis of Social Democracy

In the , Peter Kellner summarises his Open Left report on the Crisis of Social Democracy. He argues that even before the financial crash, social democracy in Britain was becoming unaffordable. He says that what the left needs urgently is a new business model.

Poll shows Labour voters lost faith in the state

Poll results show Labour needs to accept public sector cuts and embrace ‘Big Society’.

Do we really know what voters think about immigration?

Zaki Nahaboo writes for and argues there is more to the issue of immigration than class and inequality.

Education Education Education

Writing for , Richard Darlington outlines the education agenda facing the Labour leadership candidates and calls for them to openly debate public service reform.

Last night’s debate was a missed opportunity for Newsnight and for the candidates

Richard Darlington writes for , providing an overview of the Newsnight candidates debate. He argues the debate was a missed opportunity for Newsnight and for the candidates.

Newsnight could blow open Labour leadership contest

Richard Darlington writes in the New Statesman’s that tonight’s hustings could blow the race for the leadership wide open.

Candidates attempt to break down barriers on immigration

Zaki Nahaboo provides an analysis of the candidates’ immigration debate at the New Statesman hustings, finding a surprising alliance.

Immigration will define Labour’s leadership contest

Richard Darlington writes for today’s Guardian on how rivals Diane Abbott and David Miliband are united in criticising Balls and Burnham’s stance on the ‘Gillian Duffy question’.

Labour must not dodge the deficit debate

At the New Statesman , Alan Lockey puts a question to the candidates about the government’s spending cuts.

Leadership comes alive with debate on immigration

Writing on , Richard Darlington applauds the leadership candidates willingness to engage in a clear and open policy debate on immigration at the New Statesman hustings last night.

The case for a Citizen’s Pension

In this guest post Alexandra Kemp makes the case for a new, universal Citizen’s Pension.

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